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Colombia extended

On August 29th we entered Colombia and we intended to stay a month, maybe two. Today we extended our tourist visas in Medellin. How ’bout that? The process went fairly smooth. First you need to make an online appointment through Migracion Colombia web page 15 days within the visa expiry date.  Click on schedule an appointment and chose the Spanish version as the English one is not working properly. You get to chose a date and time and will get a confirmation number and a promise of an email confirmation which never happened in our case. We drove to the Migracion Colombia office which is the opposite side of town from Santa Elena, in Belen, so calculate at least an hour or so in the nuthouse traffic. Once at the office we realized that the online appointment is kind of useless. We needed to line up at the reception desk where they checked our documents and show you to the waiting area. Then we waited while observing the painfully slow pace the officials are working at. Then somehow our turn came and we handed in the documents: passport, photocopy of passport main page and entry stamp page plus a form we filled out at the reception desk. For whatever reason the form has strange questions like ‘gender’ with the options ‘male’,’female’ and ‘other’. Or the ‘name of your children’. The official enters the data on the computer then sent us over for a photo and fingerprinting. The fingerprint machine is operator will apply extra pressure on your fingers as the thing is not very effective. Somehow the prints were taken then we headed back to the first desk to pay. It’s 87,000 cop (about $40 CAD) per person for another three months and only credit cards will work, not the debit. Or you travel to a Banco de Occidente and pay there cash. Then the passport got stamped and they wrote our names on the stamp. Not sure why, would I rip out the page and give the visa to somebody else? The whole process took two hours from which about 1 hour and 45 minutes is waiting time. The only question I was asked if this is my first time in Colombia. So here we go, we can consume more GMO arepas and paisa bandeja.

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