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Alto de las Piedras

Three is the number when it comes to archaeological sites visited around San Agustin and Ismos. The third site, Alto de las Piedras is basically a small site with eight outdoor exhibits only, but still interesting enough to spend some time around. Here as well there is a ‘doble yo’ statue, which has two faces above eachother, but practically has two faces in the back too, so it’s ‘doble-doble yo’. The photo experiment continued today also with various lighting techniques to bring out something interesting of these statues on another rainy day. Not that they’re not interesting as they are, but anybody can point a camera (or phone) towards the exhibit and push the release button. Altos de las Piedras is 5 km from Ismos, which is 20 km from San Agustin, so no huge drive involved here. The drive goes through a lush mountain area, no wonder that the ancient people chose this area as their sacred ground. These days the steep mountain sides are loaded with coffee bushes and the weather is more than perfect around here for the producers. It’s said that the area has award winning coffee crops and some are selling as high as $45/lb. Not sure how badly the number was multiplied until it reached our ears or it might be true, but for sure I am not running out to pick up few pounds of it for now. Having visited the ruins on a Sunday it was crowd free, although there were some tourists, the site was pretty much enjoyable and taking photos was not requiring waiting times at all. This site, just as all the other ones in the area was completely looted by the locals over time. The gold found in the tombs was melted, therefore invaluable historical object went the human greed way. The German Konrad Preuss, who conducted research on Amerindian cultures mainly in Mexico and Colombia, did some pioneering unearthing work at the San Agustin site in 1913-1914. He also took with him some 35 statues back to Germany after the end of WWI. In 2012 the residents of the region, led by an US expat,¬†started a petition and¬†are asking for the statues back. Most of the statues are on exhibit in Berlin’s Ethnological Museum. Beside the three main archaeological sites, San Agustin, Alto de los Idolos and Alto de las Piedras, theres are several unearthed or abandoned sites approachable by hiking or horseback riding in the area. So far nobody came up with a proper explanation about these statues. Daniken pinched in the guessing process with a hint as a possible evidence of extraterrestrial visitors.



The area is beautiful.


The back side of Doble Yo.



The front faces of Doble Yo.


A different light setup on Doble Yo shot with ultrawide angle lens.


A bit more details here on Doble Yo.


Ancient machete man.


And a different lighting, with Light Bender on the flash.


‘Driving Man’ or ‘Pilot’ ? Ask Daniken


This one seems like is ‘driving’ too. Or maybe just carrying a heavy rock.


Shot at daylight with some heavy compensation and raw flash light.





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