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Cellphone in Colombia

Colombia has three major providers, no surprises there: Claro, Tigo and Movistar. Locals love Movistar, I went for a Tigo. I used Tigo in Guatemala and Honduras and I was all-right with it. Seems like you cannot throw a rock in Popayan without hitting a cellphone shop. Got a SIM from one of the hole in the wall shops for 3,000 COP ($1.50) but they had no saldo. No problem 30 meters down the road another shop was selling saldo (but no SIM). Ended up with 2 gb data, unlimited Whatsapp and Facebook for 45,000 COP ($16.00) for 30 days. The whole thing took 15 minutes and the guy from the SIM shop did all the setup for me on the phone. All I needed a cedula (dl) number, which I just wrote down o a piece of paper without actually showing it and some cash of course. They never asked my name. With some spare time left for the day took another stroll in the historic downtown. As we walked around a security guy from a bank pointed to my camera and said ‘watch it, it’s attracting many eyes’. He explained that people on motorbikes will drive by and rip off cameras from tourists. I asked if all Colombia is the same or just Popayan. He bobbed ‘all cities’. Then he carried on with the explanation. Many drug addicts are in need of quick money and will do anything to gain the dough for the next round of happiness. It was the first time on the trip to hear this version and second warning from locals in Colombia in a few days. Is South America safer or worse than Central America after all?








‘I keep an eye out for you’





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