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We’ve been overstaying at Finca Sommerwind for almost two weeks now, not that is super exciting around here, but there are several small things to fix up on the van. Looks like we are not alone doing that though, there are quite a few overlanders around. The odometer shows 322,419 km now and the MB 3.0 L Diesel TD engine is a champ. There is a body attached to it though and small rust spots are coming along, especially after the hot and humid weather of Panama. The inside needed some fix-ups also here and there. Today we went for a engine oil flush to a local shop, which was not much of a luxury, but it worked. I told the guy that there are 11 quarts of oil in the engine and after nodding he started flushing the oil in a small plastic recipient and soon it was a mess of overflowing black liquid. Sometimes it hurts even to watch. With strict supervision the oil filter got changed and the engine got two gallons of fresh synthetic oil. I picked up five gallons of Mobil1 oil in the USA as well as two oil filters, fuel filter, air filters and carried all the way down as either is hard to come by either the cost is an arm and a leg down here. The Sprinter requires a specific type of oil with 228 or 229 spec. I will add another quart-quart and half myself as a warning light will come up if overfilled and I have to drain the expensive liquid. It happened few times already despite telling the mechanic about it. The Sprinter is overloaded with sensors and sometimes I have warning lights coming up out of nowhere. I just stop the engine and restart, usually they go away. Also the wheel nuts needed a strong break-bar for loosening, they rusted in an I broke my tool trying to getting them out. Luckily the shop had a long arm one and the nuts came out one by one. Later in the campground I took them out again and added few drops of oil on the threads. This is one of the things to pay attention on the road as in the case of a flat it might lead to complications, especially in a deserted area. Since our break down in Panama City I am paying even more attention to the van to keep things together.






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