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Laguna Quilotoa

You know all those Youtube channels followed by gazillions where kids compare cameras. They run out to the front of the garage and snap a photo of the neighbours garage then yep an hour which camera is the best and talking about features you’ll never need in your life. OK. Here is my approach. Drove all the way to Ecuador, well took a flight over the Darien Gap as there’s no road there, then drove up to the top of a 3,880 m tall volcano. The place is called Laguna Quilotoa and its basically water accumulation in the crater of an extinct volcano. The highest effort you need to take is to drive up and then walk to one of the wooden platforms by the craters edge, high heels are admissible. Food, coffee and coca tea at one of the nearby restaurants. Entry fee $2.00 USD pp. For die hards, hike down to water level or take the rim-loop hike for 4 hours. Did none of the physical efforts as I arrived at 3:30 PM and the windchill was cutting to bone. I called it ‘Panama’s revenge’, as I complained about the heat there a bunch. Then went to work and through few challenges. First challenge was keeping away stray dogs, quite a few of them, from my own travel buddy and keeping Blaze from challenging them, it went both ways. Then exposing myself, but mainly my dear cameras to the elements shoot some frames. The elements: high wind, sandblasting precious pro lenses and low temperatures, just about freezing. I could have put the cameras side by side on tripods and shoot from the same spot in the same time, but then because of the mentioned element (wind) I would be left probably without a working cameras by flipping them over. There were moments when I wondered if the wind will rip out the lens from the camera body though.

Cameras: Canon 5D3 & 16-35F2.8L2, Sony A7& Zeiss 16-35F4, both auto WB and ISO 160-250. I did use tripod for the HDR shots.

Verdict: beside the Canon handling HDR shot way better, pretty much no complaints. The Sony yields colder colours on auto-wb, but it takes a second to correct it in LR or PS. I had to clean both equally from sand at the end.


Canon, afternoon HDR, tripod.


Canon, after sunset, HDR, tripod.


Sony, handheld.


Sony, handheld.


Sony, handheld.


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