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Food in Ecuador so far is the most affordable of all places I have been, even lower price than in Mexico. It seems that vegetarianism is not a huge thing generally speaking. Supermarkets are expensive but regular street markets are more than affordable. So far the rice stays but the frijoles (beans) are dropped in the favour of plantains, corn and potatoes. This is the first country where I don’t feel guilty eating out as it seems that somehow is cheaper than going to the supermarket and cook. Will post more as we go about local food as it seems that there is way more variety as in Central America. After losing weight big time in the heat of Panama and staying vegetarian for months in row am I going to get fat in Ecuador?


Encebollado, basically a fish soup with lots of onion and cassava. Goes for $2.00-$3.00



Pollo asado, bbq’d chicken with rice and salad seems to be just about everywhere at a low price, sometimes as part of “almuerzo” with a soup included for $2.00 – $3.00.



Ceviche, a nice portion is going for $5.00-6.00 depending if you want shrimp or not with it.



Soup goes by “caldo”, this one here is made of pork. Chicken soup is very popular too. They are included in the “almuerzo” or sometimes sold separately.



Fried or bbq’d plantain split stuffed with cheese seems to be everywhere for $1.00. It’s pretty filling. Same price goes for the bbq’d corn rolled in grated cheese.



bbq’d Cuy aka guinea pig seems to be a traditional food, I have not gathered enough courage yet to go beyond a photo of it, mmmaybe later.



Deep fried dough, I’ll just call these “langos” as they are exactly the same as the Hungarian counterpart.



Pork is everywhere, seems to be the main meat around here. I am not really keen on eating pork anymore.

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