From a one night stay D&D Brewery became a multi-night station. If one of the fastest internet is not enough reason to stay a bit more, there is the food, the relaxing atmosphere and of course there are lots of things to see around. Pulhapanzak waterfalls is one of them. The falls are nice no question about that, but there is the unique occasion to walk behind the 40 meter falls with a local guide. Crazy. The power of the falls is impressive and no ‘normal’ place would allow such tour. Getting power washed is a sure thing. Blaze had to stay a bit in the van for about an hour and was well treated before and after with some good swim, which was sorely missed for months now.



Keeping the lens clean from water was challenging.


Swimming in Honduras.


Honduran sticks are just as good.



Not much of a selfie guy, but this place was perfect for it. Keeping eyes open almost impossible.



In the washing machine.


Blaze had some great time off-leash.